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Custom Scentable Bath and Personal Care Products

For any of our custom scentable products, just add the product to your cart, then select you fragrance from the pull-down menu found there.
Stardust.jpg Stardust Body Wash
This luxurious shimmering gel contains gentle cleansers, rich alfalfa, soothing calendula, comfrey and goldenseal, leaving your skin soft with a gentle sparkle. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 8 oz.
Liquids1.jpg Bubble Bath
This wonderful bath potent contains glycerin and coconut oil to soften your skin while you soak in a mountain of bubbles...relax! A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 oz.
Liquids1.jpg Almond Skin Oil
Water dispersible, this super-light sweet almond base can be used on the entire body while wet or added to your bath. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 oz.
ClearLiquids.jpg Cream Shampoo with Conditioners
This protein-rich shampoo for normal hair conditions with amino acids and pure coconut oil. PH balanced. Try some with sage or your favorite fragrance. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 oz.
Lotions After Shave Lotion
A light water based moisturizer with cooling menthol and vitamin E. Feel the diference that ALCOHOL FREE makes--no burning! A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 8 oz.
Spray.jpg Fragrance in a Spray - Cologne
We can make your favorite scent into a spray just like the department stores--and without the high cost. Packaged in a cobalt blue spray bottle. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 4 oz.
Foam.jpg Foaming Liquid Hand Soap with Shea
Instant foam and gentle cleansing is delivered in just one pump of this shea butter base that's rich in aloe and contains anit-bacterial extracts of burdock, chamomile, and comfrey. Anti-oxidants vitamin E and C fight the signs of aging as well. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 8 oz pump.