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scents 'n suds Lotions and Moisturizers

Look no further for the lotions and moisturizers that will make your skin soft and fragrant--no greasy feel--just smooth-to-touch skin that you will love living in.
Tub.jpg Moisture Plus Eye Cream
An excellent moisurizer designed to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. Wears well under make-up. Fragrance-free. 1 ounce
Jar.jpg Collagen-Elastin Cream
Offering the super-hydrating benefits of collagen and elastin, this fluffy cream is highly effective yet never greasy. Vitamin A, D, and E are defense. a great night or day cream for dry skin. Unscented. 2 ounces
Jar.jpg White Tea and Shea Anti-Aging Cream
This ultra-rich, "fountain of youth" cream, infused with rare Silver Tip White Tea and paced with anti-oxidants is great for fighting premature aging. Shea butter, soy, squalane (from olives) provide lasting radiance. For dry and mature skin. 2 ounces
Jar.jpg Vit E & Elder Flowers
A creamy emollient for dry and combination skin with vitamin E, linoleate for long lasting moisturing. Natural elder flowers, irish moss and sage, plus sodium PCA softens and boost hydration. Paraben and fragrance free.
Tub2.jpg Cocoa Butter Body Cream
This buttery-rich, super-emollient balm contains 20% pure cocoa butter to keep skin supple and smooth. Great for elbows, feet and bellies. 4 ounces
Mink Oil
99% pure, mink oil absorbs instantly into the skin to pump out tiny wrinkles. Great for use on your nail beds. Excellent moisturizer. 1 ounce
PumpLotion2.jpg Vitamin A, D, & E Moisturizer
An extra rich, cream in a bottle. This moisturizer is fortified with lecithin and Vitamins A, D, & E. Our most popular lotion. Best when used after bath. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 ounces.
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Lotions Shea Butter Revitalizing Lotion
This all-over body emollient contains African Shea butter to soothe while sugar cane, aloe, and grapeseed restore softness and youthful elasticity. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 oz.
Lotions Massage Lotion
A very high oil content makes this wonderfully creamy lotion ideal for a body or foot massage. Try it with rose or lavender or your favorite fragrance. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 oz.
PumpLotion2.jpg Everyday Essential Hand & Body
Formulated with cotton & anti-oxident olive leaf, this all over lotion replenishes dull, dry skin leaving it smooth. Enriched with grapeseed oil and aloe. Free of parabens and glutens. 16 ounces