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Custom Scentable Lotions

For any of our custom scentable products, just add the product to your cart, then select you fragrance from the pull-down menu found there.
Lotions Shea Butter Revitalizing Lotion
This all-over body emollient contains African Shea butter to soothe while sugar cane, aloe, and grapeseed restore softness and youthful elasticity. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 oz.
PumpLotion2.jpg Vitamin A, D, & E Moisturizer
An extra rich, cream in a bottle. This moisturizer is fortified with lecithin and Vitamins A, D, & E. Our most popular lotion. Best when used after bath. A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 16 ounces.
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PumpLotion2.jpg Everyday Essential Hand & Body
Formulated with cotton & anti-oxident olive leaf, this all over lotion replenishes dull, dry skin leaving it smooth. Enriched with grapeseed oil and aloe. Free of parabens and glutens. 16 ounces
Lotions After Shave Lotion
A light water based moisturizer with cooling menthol and vitamin E. Feel the diference that ALCOHOL FREE makes--no burning! A CUSTOM SCENTABLE PRODUCT. 8 oz.