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Jar.jpg Honey Almond Scrubmask
A blend of natural meals--almonds, corn, oat, and rye, with sage and honey. Smoothes skin and deep cleans pores. Peppermint or regular.
Jar.jpg Pomegranate and White Tea Gentle Facial Scrub
Rich in anti-oxidants--crushed grapeseeds, vitamins C and E, plus pomegranate, white tea, olive, coca, and ginger--this polisher smoothes away dull skin while stimulating cell renewal. Ideal for dry mature skin. 2 ounces
Oatmeal Complexion Bar
Oatmeal and glycerin combine to make this bar a gentle cleanser for any skin type. 4.25 ounces
Tub2.jpg Cucumber Cleansing Cream
Rich in oils and lecithin, use this fluffy cream instead of soap or for removing make-up. 4 ounces
Organic Spa Facial Wash with Shea Butter and Apple
This 70% certified organic face gel cleanser is perfect for all skin types. Enriched with apple, toning mandarin and sweet orange peels, moisturizing Shea butter, plus aloe, lavender flowers, and oat. Sulfate and fragrance free. 8 ounces
Glycolic Daily Skin Balancing Treatment
Containing a highly effective concentration of natural glycolic and fruit acids, this light lotion enhances the skin's exfoliation process to improve clarity and texture. For normal to dry skin types. 4 ounces
Pomegranate & White Tea Foaming Facial Wash
This special pump creates a featherlight, soap-free foam that cleanses gently and rinses easily, leaving the skin supple. Powerful anti-oxidants of pomegranate, white tea, plus vitamins E and C. 8 ounce pump
Tub.jpg Moisture Plus Eye Cream
An excellent moisurizer designed to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. Wears well under make-up. Fragrance-free. 1 ounce